RouteLink: The New Way to Access Toll-Free Routing Information

RouteLink logoSomos is modernizing the way authoritative Toll-Free routing information is accessed, with a new service called RouteLink.

RouteLink provides Toll-Free routing information through an Application Program Interface (API), thus reducing implementation costs, timing, and meets today’s software standards. Subscribers will receive a local copy of the Toll-Free routing information and updates over the API.

Here are some of the benefits that RouteLink provides:

  • Real-time call routing – Toll-Free routing information inside your network reduces call set-up time and increases control over costs.
  • Access to Resp Org ID – Resp Org IDs are being increasingly used to route Toll-Free calls on IP networks. The Resp Org ID can, in many cases, identify the carrier on the terminating end of a Toll-Free call.
  • Perform network and routing analytics – Network Operators can use the information to optimize the routing of Toll-Free calls. Call Processing Records (CPR) can be parsed and analyzed in conjunction with Least Cost Routing (LCR) engines and algorithms.

Somos kicked off the RouteLink beta program in 2017, and we plan to fully launch before 2018.

If you have any questions regarding RouteLink, please email us at

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