2021 Somos Summit Session Spotlight: Build Brand Trust and Increase Engagement with TFN Identity®

Toll-Free Numbers are an extension of a company’s brand, so why not provide the opportunity to give enterprise customers maximum visibility? Being able to recognize an incoming call not only provides an important competitive advantage for businesses, but it also helps them deliver better customer service, maintain higher retention rates and optimize a user’s digital experience. 

And with digital transformation underpinning the consumer journey, it’s critical that phone numbers that are used to communicate with customers are secure, reliable and validated by trusted sources such as Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs).

Learn more about how you can drive consumer confidence and better support your enterprise customers when you join us on Day 2 of the 2021 Somos Summit session:

Build Brand Trust and Increase Engagmeent with  TFN Identity®

During this session, Kathy Stuart, Senior Product Manager at Somos will provide a future-thinking look at TFN Identity, a powerful solution that allows Resp Orgs to store Caller Name information so that it can be displayed when a subscriber receives a call from a given Toll-Free Number.

From exploring the platform’s capabilities, benefits and use cases to understanding how TFN Identity helps promote customer engagement and brand recognition, this session is a must-attend for Resp Orgs, Carriers and other Service Providers looking to gain the competitive edge needed to stand-out in today’s aggressive market.

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