Become a RouteLink Authorized OEM Customer

If you are an Authorized OEM customer, access a direct feed from Somos using a pre-integrated software solution.

Somos is partnering with Authorized Original Equipment Managers (OEMs) of routing appliances who will integrate the RouteLink Application Programming Interface (API) with their products.

These companies have already gone through a certification process to integrate the RouteLink API into their hardware and software, so when you acquire appliances from one of our authorized manufacturers, you only need to subscribe to RouteLink as a direct subscriber with a “plug and play” experience. Minimal deployment and system integrations are needed.

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  • “Plug & Play” approach to Toll-Free routing data.
  • Authorized OEM customers receive Toll-Free routing data directly from Somos as a direct subscriber.
  • Authorized OEM customers receive support for the RouteLink service directly from Somos.


  • Complete the RouteLink Checklist On-boarding Checklist. 
  • Agree to the RouteLink User Agreement and Terms & Conditions and the API License.
  • Complete the API certification process in the sandbox environment.

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