Communicating with Customers: The Case for Business Text Messaging

Text Message

If you’ve ever received a text message appointment reminder such as the above, you are in good company! In fact, according to a recent study conducted by EZ Texting, 83% of consumers want to receive reminders via text.

So why aren’t more businesses leveraging the platform? This is a question that EZ Texting aims to answer in Text Communication: The Next Generation of Business Communication, a 2019 Report. To build the report, EZ Texting surveyed over 1,100 respondents that included a range of both consumers and businesses. 

And the results were clear: 

  1. Consumers Want Texting to Be a Two-Way Communication Channel
  2. The Competition Is Reaping the Benefits of Texting
  3. Your Customers Are Already Texting Your Business Phone Number


Based on the survey, EZ Texting was able to build a solid case for why businesses need to join the text message revolution and start to have these dialogues with their text-obsessed customers. In fact, the survey found that 54% of respondents actually get frustrated when unable to text a business.

Why is this? For starters, according to the report, of the companies surveyed, only 13% of businesses use text messaging to communicate with their customers.

Want to learn more about how businesses can increase customer engagement and trust by implementing a business text messaging? Read the report now: Text Communication: The Next Generation of Business Communication.

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