Telecom Lawyers by Day, Rockstars by Night: The Epic Adventures of Harmful Interference

Telcom Lawyers by Day, Rockstars by Night: The Epic Adventures of Harmful Interference

In the intricate realm of telecom law, which is often thought of as all courtrooms, regulatory complexity and never-ending fraud fighting, there's an unexpected source of rhythm and harmony…

Meet Harmful Interference, the band flipping the script on the conventional narrative of telecom law. Comprised of a team of industry legends, the band members masterfully transition from conquering the intricacies of the legal world during the day to commanding the stage and rocking the world come nightfall.

The journey of Harmful Interference began in the spring of 2019 when this eclectic ensemble came together with a common goal: 

To become the world's greatest telecom lawyer rock band!

When not immersed in legal shenanigans, the following professionals take center stage to prove that attorneys can rock just as hard as they litigate:

  • Kelly DonohueVocal Powerhouse, Keys and Meta’s Public Policy Manager, Connectivity and Access
  • Joel Bernstein, Bass Maestro and Somos’ VP, Regulatory & Public Policy
  • Randy ClarkeRhythmic Intensity Drummer and Verizon’ Associate General Counsel
  • Patrick Halley, Vocalist, Guitar Virtuoso and Wireless Infrastructure Association’s President & CEO
  • Kristi Thompson, Vocalist, Percussion, Defeater of Band Actors and FCC’s Chief of the Consumer Division of the Enforcement Bureau
  • Brandon Heiner, Gear Master, Vocalist, Guitarist and USTelecom’s Sr. VP, Government Affairs
  • Jozsef Szamosfalvi, Glorious Guitarist and Interlink Capital Strategies’ Fund Manager

The aggregate of awesomeness recently showcased their musical prowess at the 2023 Somos Summit Welcome Reception. Taking center stage, Harmful Interference captivated and wowed the audience with an array of cover songs, proving that their talents extend beyond the courtroom. The crowd couldn't help but be swept away by the 80s flair, next-level quips and non-stop humor that Harmful Interference brought to the event.

Harmful Interference isn't strictly confined to the spotlight, though; they're also on a mission to make a difference. Annually, they channel their musical energy into Law Rocks D.C., a fundraiser that melds legal minds with the power of music to raise money for local nonprofits. This year, their proceeds supported Miriam’s Kitchen, an organization dedicated to providing meals, housing, advocacy and education for D.C.'s homeless community.

So, the next time you find yourself knee-deep in legal intricacies or simply needing a musical escape, remember that Harmful Interference is out there, making waves in both the courtroom AND on the stage, all while supporting causes that truly ROCK. And, just like the attendees of the Somos Summit believe, the band knows that when it comes to making a difference, the most rock star thing you can do is to drive change and harmonize for a cause


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