Celebrating Culture, Camaraderie and Esprit de Corps on Veteran’s Day

Celebrating our Veteran’s Leadership, Esprit de Corps and Camaraderie

At Somos, we recognize that the leadership skills and innovative spirit that the military teaches not only enriches our organization, but also inspires a culture of advancement, achievement and accomplishment. We also know that the contributions of former military members transcend the time spent in uniform:

As civilians in the workforce, the training and teamwork Veterans bring to Team Somos is unmatched.

Are you a veteran looking to leverage the skills developed in the armed services in the civilian workforce? If so, Somos may have the opportunity for you! To get better acquainted with Somos, we encourage you to check out the brochure: Transition your Military Training into Leadership in the Civilian Workforce. In it, you’ll gain an overview of who we are as well as a basis for “Why Somos?” – direct from a few of our veteran team members!

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