Customer Obsession Starts with Listening to Customers

It’s no longer good enough to simply provide customer service.  To truly be relevant and competitive in the marketplace, companies need to adopt a customer obsessed outlook and culture. 

Customer obsession takes more than just offering services and products that customers might like and buy.  To truly be best-in-class, companies need to not only deliver a customer experience that leaves a lasting, loyalty-inducing impression but also be constantly communicating with their audience.  It’s these two-way conversations that help build deep, lasting relationships with our customers.

Toll-Free Numbers have long been a critical part of the customer experience. But enterprises are just starting to tap into the deeper insights that customer conversations happening over Toll-Free Numbers can offer.

In her recently released article in Forbes, Top 10 Most Customer-Obsessed Companies, renowned Customer Experience Futurist, Keynote Speaker and Author Blake Morgan defines customer obsession as the commitment to “listen to their customers, take advantage of data and technology, and create a seamless experience that provides great service and support no matter how customers interact with the brand.”

Topping the list are familiar names like Ritz-Carlton and Costco; and some new faces, like NetflixTrader Joe’s and Zappos. One thing most of these businesses have in common is a Toll-Free Number. Dial 800-542-8680 to book a luxurious hotel room in the United States or Canada. Or call 800-774-2678 to get a wholesale membership for bulk foods and home goods! These businesses are investing in the customer conversations that enable better customer service through more intimate connections.

To see the full list of the most customer obsessed companies today, read the article here.

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