Make Better Business Decisions with the Newly Enhanced Find a Toll-Free Number Tool

You asked; we listened – Introducing the new and improved Find a Toll-Free Number Tool on!

Searching for a Toll-Free Number has never been easier – for you and your customers! Based on industry feedback, we’ve supercharged the Find a Toll-Free Number Tool to add more details on a search return.  Previously, when you tried to find a Toll-Free Number, you were told whether or not the searched-for number was available, but were not provided any next steps. 

Now with the enhanced Find a Toll-Free Number Tool, not only will you be informed as to whether or not a Toll-Free Number is available, you will be provided with the next steps needed to reserve the desired number. 

Let’s say, for example, you were searching to see if 833.T0LL.FREE is available.  Simply enter your combination of letters and numbers into the tool.  The tool will search the database and inform you whether or not the Toll-Free Number searched is available.


Once the number is verified as being available, in the newly updated version of the Find a Toll-Free Number Tool, you are given the option to reserve your Toll-Free Number(s) through one of Somos’ certified Toll-Free Service Providers.  A comprehensive list of all available Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) is displayed as well as direct contact numbers and clickable links (when applicable).



In the event that the Toll-Free Number you are searching for is unavailable or already in use, you will be alerted accordingly.  In most cases, the name and referral phone number of the Toll-Free Service Provider that has reserved the number will be provided.

Thanks to your feedback, we here at Somos have made it easier than ever to successfully complete your Toll-Free journey.  So what are you waiting for?  Try our newly enhanced Find a Toll-Free Number Tool now to unlock the collaborative power of Toll-Free.

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