Empowering Toll-Free Businesses: Exploring Somos’ Innovation with TFNRegistry™ Enhanced ROC Features

Since November 2022, Somos has been on an exciting journey to integrate the Resp Org Change (ROC) into the TFNRegistry™ and make Toll-Free Number administration more efficient. This transition has provided users with a streamlined, intuitive, one-stop-shop for the processing of Toll-Free Number change requests.

Partnering with our customers over the past year we listened, and fervently worked to continue advancing and evolving the user experience of the TFNRegistry ROC. Somos would like to give a HUGE thank you to the industry for its continued collaboration and support along the reimagined ROC journey.

As part of this journey, Somos has released SEVEN new features within the TFNRegistry ROC. Each new feature has enhanced day-to-day functionality, supporting and providing best-in-class Toll-Free Number administration.

Exposed ROC APIs

TFNRegistry ROC APIs are now exposed to all API users that need to access the TFNRegistry ROC. Somos has created additional resources to help you seamlessly integrate to the new ROC system within the TFNRegistry, including API Specs, Swagger Files and Mapping Documents which can be found on Somos’ Developer Resources.


Request Library Menu Item

Somos has launched a release library within the TFNRegistry to help provide access to important information and forms right at your fingertips!


Enhanced TFNRegistry Dashboard

An enhanced Dashboard view for ROC requests now enables users to see a snapshot of their incoming and outgoing ROC requests that are open or pending, while also showing any requests that are in an overdue status; significantly reducing the number of clicks and saving time for users. This is an added benefit for ROC users by having quicker insight view and immediate one-click access to their ROC requests when needed.


Help Desk HDI/HDR

The Help Desk Intervention (HDI) request process/function is now accessed exclusively via the TFNRegistry providing a one stop shop for operations and an improved user experience. For all future HDI requests, users can leverage this function directly through the TFNRegistry.

In addition to HDI requestions, users can now also easily access Help Desk Request (HDR) forms within the TFNRegistry, allowing them to view, retrieve and modify previously submitted HDRs. Incorporating these administration features into the ROC also makes it easier for the Help Desk to assist with any ROC related issues.  


Enhanced ROC Reporting

The “Incoming and Outgoing ROC” reports feature provides access to important information related to your ROC transaction history. By integrating this reporting functionality into the TFNRegistry, users can now access and analyze this data to provide insight to porting requests and other team activities in quick and easy way.  


Bulk Upload for ROC

The all-new bulk upload capability in ROC now allows users to submit up to 20,000 Toll-Free Numbers via the API and 5,000 Toll-Free Numbers through the UI. These bulk enhancements significantly increase ROC efficiency, save valuable time and are now consistent with the rest of TFNRegistry.


Cross-Entity Permissions for ROC

Cross-Entity ROC Permissions (also known as the "Acting As" feature) allows users to submit, approve and decline ROC requests on behalf of Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) for which they have appropriate permissions to manage. This new capability helps drive optimization of Toll-Free Number administration and creates a more streamlined user experience.  The "Acting As" feature is available for ROC users on the following pages within the TFNRegistry; ROC Submit Request (RSB), ROC Search Requests (RSR), ROC LOA Upload (RLU), ROC Subscriber Notifications (RSN), and the ROC Resend Subscriber Notifications (RRN).

Please check out our recently updated library of TFNRegistry knowledge articles to learn more about the new features and functionality detailed above. The knowledge articles can be accessed via the following:

As always, the Somos Help Desk team is by your side and our subject matter experts are available to support your needs. Please email us at or you can call or text us at 844.HEY.SOMOS (844.439.7666), Option 1. 

* Access to the TFNRegistry UI is permission-based and not available to all users by default. If you are not able to access the TFNRegistry UI, please reach out to your Resp Org's Primary Contact and/or Company Administrator(s) for further assistance.

** A valid Resp Org Login ID is required to gain access to the Somos Portal Website. If you are not able to access the Somos Portal Website, please reach out to your Resp Org's Primary Contact and/or Company Administrator(s) for further assistance.



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