FCC Continues Fight Against Illegal Spoofing & Robocalls

In its continued mission to prevent unwanted calls, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – at the Open Meeting held on May 19, 2022 – issued the Gateway Provider Report and Order, Order on Reconsideration, Order, and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Aimed at helping stop robocall scams that are internationally initiated, the updated guidelines provide a multi-pronged approach to combatting telecom fraud, including more stringent call authentication requirements. In particular, to help ensure that illegal, foreign-originated calls entering the U.S. marketplace are properly blocked, the FCC mandated that Gateway Providers reference a “reasonable” do not originate (DNO) list when routing calls.

As a long-time advocate of the FCC’s initiatives to combat fraud in telecom, Somos is committed to delivering forward-thinking solutions that empower trusted connections between brands, consumers and communities. In support of the FCC’s robocall mitigation efforts, we work tirelessly to develop innovative technology that helps Resp Orgs and service providers easily identify numbers as DNO including:

RealNumber DNO

With over 6B Toll-Free and local 10-digit numbers in its dataset, RealNumber DNO provides a powerful solution that can help Gateway Providers and U.S.-based operators identify calls that originate from invalid, unallocated and/or unused numbers. In addition, the RealNumber DNO list includes numbers which should never be used for call origination – thus helping Gateway Providers maintain compliance with the FCC’s recent mandate. 

As an added differentiator, RealNumber DNO’s database includes the Industry Traceback Group’s (ITG’s) list of numbers that have been thoroughly vetted and deemed to be spoofed to facilitate illegal, fraudulent, or otherwise malicious traffic. With this, RealNumber DNO can offer a one-stop solution that is comprehensive, affordable and user-friendly.

To learn more about how Somos’ RealNumber DNO solution can help you increase trust, drive confidence and remain compliant with FCC initiatives, email or call or text Somos’ team of fraud fighting experts at 844.HEY.SOMOS.


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