Hear from Somos President & CEO on the Modern Value of Toll-Free Numbers

Every day, millions of Toll-Free Numbers are displayed across mobile devices, websites, and digital advertisements to bring customers closer to the brands they love. It’s all a part of the “conversation economy” — the part of the business world that’s doubling down on richer, more meaningful interactions and insights derived from customer conversations.

As enterprises strive to become more customer-obsessed, they’re determined to find ways to better serve customers through every outlet possible. That means investing in the technologies that make business interactions seamless and enjoyable, and investing in the service agents who are trained to delight customers without even having to be asked.

Toll-Free Numbers are capable of hosting that critical human interaction, and the fast-paced texting mode that everyone knows and loves.

Somos President & CEO Gina Perini said she’s excited to see all the new ways that Toll-Free Numbers are being used today in the mobile economy. From online ad tracking to click-to-call capabilities, Toll-Free Numbers are headed into new roles to better connect brands with their customers.

Watch the video to hear more!

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