Drive Calls (and Conversions) With Dynamic Number Insertion

Drive Calls (and Conversions) With Dynamic Number Insertion

Marketing can be like walking a tightrope. Day in and day out we straddle the fine line between delivering amazing customer experience and staying within budget. That’s why in this multi-channel marketing world, it’s essential to optimize campaigns with techniques and technologies that help you identify the best channels, strategies and messaging to reach your consumers. Focused, streamlined campaigns backed by data and best practices help marketing professionals drive sales and close deals.

Phone calls are one platform with which to drive sales and connect with your best customers. If marketing departments are going to integrate phone calls into their overall strategy, it is important to know where their inbound calls are coming from. It’s not enough just to make a phone number visible; it must be visible in the right places.

Marketing professionals can add brains and brawn to their strategy with Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI). This call tracking feature allows them to pin unique Toll-Free Numbers to specific channels, such as Adwords, Facebook or Yelp, to determine which lead to more phone calls and conversions.

One of the true beauties of DNI is that at its core, it’s truly a simple solution – it’s taking a tally of what channels are the most popular with consumers. When utilized properly, it can help marketing departments cut through today’s noise and create smarter marketing campaigns that not only lead to clicks, but also calls and conversions. 

Connecting calls to campaigns

DNI works by assigning a unique phone number to a different designated source, such as a banner ad, Yelp page or landing page. When consumers arrive at your website via that source, they will see a phone number that corresponds with the source. When they call in, software can track which source lead them to call, before they’re routed to your contact center. Through this process, marketers can determine what banner ads, Yelp pages or landing pages—and corresponding campaigns—were successful and led to the most conversions.

DNI can also be used to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by channel, consumer’s geographic region or consumer demographics. Some software even allows marketing professionals to connect with a users’ relevant web history, thus providing a more detailed view of the consumer purchase journey. In some instances, this behind-the-scenes access allows marketing professionals to use DNI to track by keyword. By testing different campaign variables, you can determine which campaigns lead to the most phone calls (and conversions) and focus resources appropriately.

As simple as a line of code

Luckily, implementing DNI doesn’t require a graduate-level engineering degree. Marketing professionals simply insert a line of Javascript code on the webpage where their phone number would normally be displayed. The marketing team then assigns unique tracking numbers to each source they wish to track.

When a consumer clicks on one of these designated sources, such as a banner ad, a cookie is attached to their browser. When the consumer then visits your website, the coding reads the cookie attached to their browser and dynamically inserts the corresponding tracking number on your webpage. This also ensures that if a consumer returns to your website later they will see the same tracking number each time.

Simple but smart

With shrinking budgets and increasing competition, it’s more important than ever to work smarter not harder when looking to convert customers and capture sales. DNI provides a simple way for marketing professionals to understand what is driving consumer activity and where to invest valuable marketing dollars. By marrying the power of Toll-Free Numbers with the technology behind DNI, we can more effectively drive customer calls and optimize campaigns.

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