A Huge Thank You to our SMS/800 TFN Registry Pre-Production Beta Participants!

A Huge Thank You to our SMS/800 TFN Registry Pre-Production Beta Participants!A completely modernized SMS/800 Toll-Free Number (TFN) Registry is almost here! As the June 24, 2019 cutover from the current mainframe system to the new IP-compatible system nears, Somos would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who is participating in our SMS/800 TFN Registry Pre-Production Beta program.

Earlier this year, all Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) were invited to participate in a Pre-Production Beta program that would provide an opportunity to ensure that their systems were ready to accommodate the features, functionality and changes coming to the SMS/800 TFN Registry. Through thorough testing from Beta participants, the feedback gained has been paramount in assisting the industry to achieve a seamless migration to the SMS/800 TFN Registry. It is the feedback and support of our industry and community that will enable Resp Orgs to transition to the new registry with ease.

Thank you again to all Beta testers for their active participation and supporting the Resp Org user experience! The Beta environment remains open through June 18, 2019, and we encourage all Beta participants to continue to test and ready their systems for the transition to the new Registry. There’s still time to submit bugs and feedback by May 31, 2019 to ensure that the new system is the best it can be. If you are a Resp Org and would like to participate in the Beta program, please click here to sign up today!

Thank you to our Pre-Production Beta Program Participants!

382 Communications Corporation

Excel Telecommunications

Provincial Tel Inc.

800 Response Information Services LLC

Express Scripts

Puerto Rico Telephone Co.

800.COM, INC

Fibernetics Corporation

RA Outdoors LLC

ABCO Communications Inc.

Full Service Network

Rogers Communications Canada Inc.

AcroVoice Solutions Inc

GCI Communication Corp.




Signal One Inc.

Help Desk

SRS Pharmacy Systems, Inc.

American Data Networks

IDT Corporation


Amrigon Inc.

Incontact Inc.

Talkroute Inc


Intermetro Communications Inc

Telefonica Larga Distancia


Invoca, Inc.


ATL Communications

iPlum Inc.

Telnyx, LLC



Telrite Corporation, Inc.

Iristel Inc

TELUS Corporation

Beacon Communications


Telzio, Inc.

Bell Canada


THE Telco

Bivouac Networks LLC

Level 3 Communications

thinQ Inc.

Line Systems Inc

Tiny Planet Inc

Broadview Networks

Logix Communications

TollXchange, LLC

BT Americas Inc.

LogMeIn Audio, LLC.

TracFone Wireless, Inc.

CallFire, Inc.

Mayfair Communication, Inc.

TSG Global, Inc.

Callture, Inc

McGraw Communications Inc


Clear Rate Commuinications


Veracity Communications, Inc

CLX Communications

Micktel Corp

Verizon Business

Comcast Phone, LLC

Netelligent Corporation.

Verizon Communications


Netrix, Inc.

Videotron Ltd

Cooperative Communications

NumberBarn, LLC

Vonage America

Corporate Image Communications

OnCall RespOrg Svcs

West Corporation

Crossbow Telecom


WesTel Inc.



Wholesale Carrier Services, Inc.

Cypress Telecommunications Corp (Cytel)

Opex Communications Inc.

Windstream Communications

DC Communications

Orange Business Services U.S., Inc.

Word of Mouth Communications

Digital Solutions


Worldnet Telecommunications, Inc.

Distributel Communications Limited

Pilgrim Telephone Inc.


Easylink Services International Corporation



*Beta Participants as of May 28, 2019

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