Learn How APIs are Advancing the SMS/800 TFN Registry Revolution at TFUS19

Learn How APIs are Advancing the SMS/800 TFN Registry Revolution at TFUS19

A critical part of Making the Perfect Connection is ensuring that the connections made provide value – to enterprises, service providers customers and more.

One technology that is drastically changing the way systems connect are Application Programming Interfaces. More commonly known by their acronym – APIs – these applications are drastically changing, and more importantly streamlining, how systems communicate with each other.

When architecting the modernized, cloud-based SMS/800 Toll-Free Number (TFN) Registry, the project team turned to APIs to help keep applications and services connected to other sources of data, new features and functionality and more. Led by Ginger McClendon, Vice President of Engineering at Somos, our industry panel will explore the growing role of APIs in the digital age. Specifically, they’ll show you how the modern API has evolved from just a developer’s tool to a major strategic asset for companies.

Join the following tech experts for a discussion that’s More than Just Numbers: The SMS/800 TFN Registry Revolution:

  • Asanke Abeysinghe, Deputy Chief Technology Officer & Vice President of Architecture at WSO2
  • Ali Bijanfar, Chief Technology Officer at ATL Communications
  • Bob Marchiano, Vice President at Software Synergy, Inc. (SSI)

Learn more about how the API revolution is driving change in Toll-Free and the greater telecommunications industry when you attend the 2019 Toll-Free User Summit this October 15-17 in Boston!

There is still time to register to join industry experts and peers to see how to ensure you’re always Making the Perfect Connection.

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