Changing the Leadership Game

When Somos Board of Director member Howard Woolley, President & CEO, Howard Woolley Group LLC, and member of the Executive Leadership Council (ELC), invited me and Somos’ Chief People Officer, Deborah Thomas, to attend the ELC’s 2019 CEO GameChanger Changing the Leadership GameConference October 10th in Washington, D.C., we were thrilled to get the extraordinary opportunity to sit among an esteemed group of CEOs to learn actionable ways to truly move the needle in advancing Black leaders.

At Somos, our high performing team – including our Board of Directors – is built by engaging the best and brightest strategic leaders that bring a diverse range of viewpoints, perspectives and backgrounds to the table. In doing so, we use our diversity as a powerful strategic asset that will enable us to execute on Somos’ corporate strategy and to ensure the long-term growth and sustainability of the company.

Somos’ objectives are a great match for those of the ELC and the themes for the 2019 CEO GameChanger Conference. Similar to how the ELC is challenging organizations to make intentional and substantive progress towards shifting the diversity paradigm, Somos embraces the philosophy that diversity is more than just a word. Diversity is a powerful concept that is deeply ingrained in the corporate culture and vision for the future.

As Somos continues to drive the future of trusted, omnichannel communications, I look forward to achieving this goal by leveraging disruptive strategies that employ change and diversity. I can’t wait to participate in this year’s 2019 CEO GameChanger Conference to share Somos’ strategies and learn how other organizations are taking action to advance diverse leadership globally.

-Gina Perini
President and CEO, Somos, Inc.

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