MessageComm and the Changing Face of the Messaging Industry

MessageCommHow do you know that you can trust that the messages you receive are reliable and not the product of spammers and other fraudulent bad actors? In a lot of ways, for better or worse, you can’t currently guarantee that every communication you get is credible and trustworthy.

Enter MessageComm. As the brainchild of Noah Rafalko, CEO of Midori Interactive, Inc.; VoIP pioneer Jeff Pulver; and diversity expert Adis Maria Vila, J.D., MBA; MessageComm is a newly created messaging trade association whose goal is to resolve critical issues around messaging and help the telecommunications industry evolve and grow smartly. At a time when customer protection is of critical concern, MessageComm is committed to working cooperatively with industry leaders to define new and better security and communications standards for both existing and future messaging channels.

The meteoric growth in messaging has created significant security and privacy issues for both consumers and businesses,” according to Rafalko. Adds Pulver, “We want to bring everyone in the industry together to negotiate best practices, solve security issues and make messaging a golden service.”

Somos is excited to announce that we have recently joined MessageComm. “As a company driven by fairness and neutrality, we applaud MessageComm’s mission to make messaging the most trusted and reliable form of communication and look forward to being at the forefront of enriching our industry,” said Gina Perini, Somos’ President and CEO. “We are thrilled to join other thought-leaders in guiding the future of messaging.”

To learn more about MessageComm, check out their website at

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