Now Available: Marketing Business Texting to Customers Best Practices & Media

Business texting provides a quick, efficient channel of communication for organizations and their customers. However, a large percentage of companies are unaware of the broad range of advantages business texting provides.

That’s why in 2020, Somos delivered a campaign to educate enterprises on the benefits of business texting and to encourage SMS adoption. The campaign included a commissioned thought leadership paper with Forrester Consulting, a microsite, disruptive commercials and paid advertisements. Somos marked the campaign an overall success, with more than 147,000 clicks across channels and more than 17 million campaign impressions driving awareness.

With the campaign a wrap, we are excited to share our top best practices for marketing SMS to customers, as well as a comprehensive media toolkit that you can download and use to spread the word about the benefits of business texting.


Here are our top best practices and recommendations that Service Providers can implement when marketing SMS to customers:

Make Content Accessible

Even with a large number of eyeballs, convincing viewers to engage further on our microsite was no easy task! After seeing lower than expected download rates on content placed behind lead generation form, we un-gated the content and wow! – what a difference it made. Based on a noticeable bump in content downloads and video views, it’s clear that users don’t want hurdles to engaging with content – they want it free and without obstacles.


Tailor Your Message to Your Audience

No one knows your customer better than you, which is why it’s important to ensure that when marketing SMS to your audience, you set the right tone and keep the subject matter relevant. Similarly, it’s important to keep the messaging simple, especially if your customer-base represents a wide range of industries and SMS background.

Embrace Video When Possible

We know how powerful video is when it comes to marketing, which is why we incorporated commercials and additional short videos into our campaign and encourage you to do the same. Consider statistics from the campaign’s Forrester Consulting-commissioned thought leadership paper: While the PDF report had downloads in the hundreds, the same content, when put into video format, had more than 5,000 views!

Create a Channel Strategy

Each social channel has its own idiosyncrasies, which is why we can’t stress enough the importance of developing a multi-channel strategy that takes these nuances into account. For example, since LinkedIn allows users to segment by specific audiences, we were able to target contact center professionals and decision-makers at large marketing agencies and employ more tailored messaging.

Monitor Campaign Heath and Adjust as Needed

Human nature is finicky at best, which makes it tough to always predict what will resonate with an audience and when. Knowing this, it’s critical to monitor campaign performance closely so you can know when and if you need to pivot your focus and adjust priorities as needed to maintain efficacy and ROI.

Now that you have SMS marketing best practices in your toolbox, it’s time to put them to use! There’s never been a better time to promote business texting to your enterprise customers – and Somos is by your side to help ensure that your efforts are a success. We encourage you download our toolkit of campaign creatives to share all the benefits of business texting. Most of these resources are white-labeled so you can rebrand with your own personal touch.


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