Re-experience the Main Stage at TFUS20!

The 2020 Toll-Free User Summit (TFUS20) was an action-packed, virtual event which explored the latest trends and innovations in Toll-Free. From unlocking the secrets of the digital economy to maximizing the value of STIR/SHAKEN to better serve our customers, TFUS20 brought all of this and more directly to you via our online platform.

Whether you want to learn more about the IP call routing, explore the 2020 Somos product roadmap or another hot topic in Toll-Free, our video coverage provides insight into the Toll-Free industry that you are craving.

To help you reexperience Summit – if you attended – or see what you missed if you couldn’t be there, we’ve uploaded live videos from every Summit presentation that was held on the Main Stage including:

CEO Welcome 

Somos’ President & CEO Gina Perini kicks-off TFUS20 with an in-depth look at Innovation Built on Trust



HUMALOGY®: Trust and the Integration of Humans and Technology 

Unlock the secrets of digital transformation and see how it’s affecting your customers today, tomorrow and BEYOND with Keynote Speaker Scott Klososky



Adapting During a Global Pandemic: Turning Challenges into Creativity and Ultimately, Triumph! 

Gina Perini and influencers from Verizon, Google and Twilio converge to discuss telecom’s future including how to strategically adapt to present needs while pivoting long-term priorities



Fireside Chat with the FCC 

Kris A. Monteith and Daniel Kahn, Chief and Associate Chief of the FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau respectively, join Ann Berkowitz for a discussion of current Numbering initiatives



Addressing the Bad Apples: Current Trends in Toll-Free Fraud Mitigation 

Fraud Fighters from Invoca, Nomorobo, YouMail and Lumen Technologies discuss combatting illegal spoofers and robocalls as well as current trends and strategies in fraud mitigation



Rebuilding Consumer Trust: Opportunities for Closing the Enterprise Call Attestation Gap 

Learn more about rebuilding consumer trust and maximizing enterprise value with a panel discussion featuring influencers from Numeracle, Comcast and Team Somos



A Year of Transformation: 2020 Product Updates, Benefits and Beyond 

Director of Product Management Ryan Karnas shows you how Somos’ product offerings are delivering trust, authentication enablement and security to consumers



The Modern Value of Toll-Free: Getting Enterprises Engaged 

From increasing engagement to unlocking hidden potential, Somos’ Michelle Larsen shows you how Toll-Free Numbers are driving the future of communication

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