Savings Achieved! See How Microsoft Increased Revenue with Toll-Free


Microsoft is experiencing quantifiable results though their use of Toll-Free – Are you?


In our latest brand story, we look at how Microsoft leveraged Toll-Free Numbers and call analytics to elevate their marketing strategy and drive call-revenue a remarkable 30%.


Sure, you may buy a single, one-off item online but how likely are you to buy high ticket items in bulk online? As Microsoft found – not very likely at all. With support from Invoca, they were able to re-vamp their marketing strategy and tie specific Toll-Free Numbers to specific ad campaigns. The extra data collected completely transformed their approach to customer service and experience. By analyzing keywords from calls, call duration and call volume, they were able to convert ad tracking to ad fine tuning to call-based revenue.


Want to see this Toll-Free brand story in action? Check out the video below:


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