Signature Conversation: A View from the FCC Chairman's Office

Signature Conversation: A View from the FCC Chairman's Office

Modernizing the Toll-Free Number industry has been a chief priority for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Whether it’s ensuring the integrity of texting over Toll-Free Numbers or allowing for assignment of Toll-Free Numbers through competitive bidding, the FCC has been working tirelessly to promote a vibrant, efficient, and trustworthy Toll-Free ecosystem.

For #TFUS18, we are excited to have Jay Schwarz, Advisor to Chairman Pai, join us for a powerful one-on-one conversation with Ann Berkowitz, Somos’ Chief Administrative Officer. During the Signature Conversation: A View from the FCC Chairman's Office session, the two will discuss a wide range of topics from Chairman Pai’s agenda.

Register now to join the FCC, industry experts, your peers and more at the 2018 Toll-Free User Summit October 9-11 in Las Vegas!

Have a topic or question you would like to see addressed during this session? Click here to submit your questions or thoughts. We look forward to having you help shape this conversation!

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