SMS/800 TFN Registry Updates Include a New User Interface and First Set of APIs

Somos is thrilled to announce that today, the release of the SMS/800 Toll-Free Number (TFN) Registry API Set 1 and the new Web Based User Interface (UI) is now available to the industry! Our efforts to improve system capabilities and enhance your experience with the SMS/800 TFN Registry is now ready for you to explore.

The UI and API set comprises of the top three most frequently used features:

  • Searching for and reserving Toll-Free Numbers
  • Accessing the status of the Toll-Free Number
  • Changing user passwords

This release is the first of three scheduled updates for the SMS/800 TFN Registry. This fall, Somos plans to release a second set of APIs and updates to the UI that will include the Customer Record Admin and Pointer Record features. The third set will provide the ability to request Toll-Free Numbers in bulk and utilize the One-Click Activate feature. 

Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) can now access the new User Interface by visiting

Developers looking for resources to help with implementing the new API set can visit This dedicated Developers Resource Portal contains documents that provide an API overview, sample code, Swagger files and a compiled FAQ document. 

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