Somos, Inc. Announces Updates to Its Latest Solutions Offerings as well as New Program Release


East Brunswick, NJ, October 20, 2020 -- Somos, Inc., a leading registry management and data solutions company, today announced that two of its newest offerings – TFN Identity™ and RealNumber™ – will be entering their next stages of growth, maturity and release. The announcement, which was made at the company’s 2020 Toll-Free User Summit, also introduced the addition of a new layer of research and development to RealNumber’s capabilities via the launch of a new Do Not Originate (DNO) proof of concept (POC) program. The updates and new release are part of Somos’ larger authentication enablement program which is dedicated to helping: reduce instances of robocalls and illegal spoofing; support telecommunications providers seeking STIR/SHAKEN compliance; and, empower Innovation Built on Trust.

TFN Identity, the first centralized, trusted database source for Toll-Free Caller ID information, has moved from a beta testing phase to general availability (GA) release. The move is the culmination of extensive testing that was conducted by over twenty industry early adopters. With its GA release, TFN Identity offers the industry and public alike a powerful storage solution that allows Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) to store Caller Name information (frequently referred to as CNAM) which in turn allows the Caller Name to be displayed when a customer receives a call from an enterprise’s Toll-Free Number.  

RealNumber, an innovative solution designed to empower enterprises to achieve A-Level attestation on outbound calls by pre-validating whether an enterprise has the right to use a given number, has moved from its POC phase into industry beta testing. The POC program, which was launched in Q2 of 2020, corroborated RealNumber’s feasibility as a solution capable of validating a Telephone Number Service Provider’s (TNSP’s) assignment of a Toll-Free Number based on the Resp Org of Record via the SMS/800 TFN Registry. With RealNumber’s move into industry beta testing, Resp Orgs will be offered the opportunity to provide feedback on its functionality and help enhance its quality and performance.

In addition to the transition to industry beta testing, Somos has also launched a new DNO POC within the RealNumber platform. The goal of the POC, which is currently live and active, is to validate the scope and feasibility of a new solution aimed at helping to combat fraudulent and spoofed phone calls transmitted via a Toll-Free Number (TFN). The solution works by allowing Resp Orgs to flag TFNs as non-originating calls. TFNs that are not in an active status have been pre-loaded and flagged as DNO. While currently focused explicitly on TFNs, the RealNumber platform and its DNO listing capability is anticipated to be rolled out as a solution applicable to all ten-digit numbers in the coming future.

It’s been a whirlwind ride and it’s thrilling to see the journey reach its destination – the delivery of some really dynamic advancements to our product portfolio,” states Ryan Karnas, Director of Product Management at Somos. “We have one of the hardest working teams in our industry and the collaborative effort really shows in each and every one of our releases. Developing products that drive our industry into the future and deliver innovation built on trust is a collective effort, and I’m excited to be a part of such a forward-thinking community of visionaries.”

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About Somos, Inc.:

Somos is a leading provider of registry management and data solutions. Our mission is to empower more intimate and trusted connections between brands, consumers, and communities. We accomplish this through our suite of authentication enablement solutions as well as our numbering administration roles. 

Currently, Somos serves as the North American Numbering Plan Administrator and the Pooling Administrator for more than 800 million local and wireless telephone numbers. We operate the SMS/800 TFN Registry for more than 42 Million Toll-Free Numbers in North America, and the TSS Registry, the centralized registry for the use of Toll-Free Numbers in text messaging and multimedia services. 

Through our portfolio of products and services, and a collaborative approach in everything we do, Somos helps ensure trust in an increasingly digital world, while delivering value, innovation, and results to consumers. To learn more about Somos, please visit


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