Somos Presents at NARUC’s 2019 Winter Summit

Somos Presents at NARUC’s 2019 Winter Summit

This year’s National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners’ (NARUC) Winter Policy Summit offered an excellent platform for valuable knowledge sharing. During the Committee on Telecommunications meeting, Somos had the opportunity to answer questions about our role as the Toll-Free Number Administrator as well as the new role, through the FCC contract award, as North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) and Pooling Administrator (PA).


As a registry management and data solutions company, Somos provides important voice and

messaging solutions that empower the telecommunications industry. In January 2019, Somos’

role in the industry grew as we transitioned into the roles of NANPA/PA. At the NARUC Summit, members from the Somos Industry Relations and Public Policy team hosted an informative session on Somos’ role in the numbering ecosystem as well as answered audience questions.


The transition of the contracts and the associated systems as well as personnel from Neustar to Somos was a topic of particular interest to the audience. “We wanted to complete this transition with no impact on resource availability and no disruption to the NANPA and PA services,” John Manning, Senior Director of NANPA, noted when discussing key goals and objectives for the transition. “A number of steps were taken prior to the actual transition itself,” he added. Overall, the audience reaction indicated that they were happy to hear that the transition was successful with no interruptions and glitches.

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