Taking our Leaders with a “Higher Ambition” to the Next Level

aking our Leaders with a “Higher Ambition” to the Next Level Primary tabsOne of the cornerstones of providing the utmost value and experience to our customers starts with a high-performing, resilient, empowered and agile workforce. In support of this initiative, Somos recently nominated aspiring leaders within the organization to participate in upcoming programs sponsored by Higher Ambition.

Committed to promoting advanced leadership development and overall company performance, Higher Ambition offers several intensive programs and action learning groups to help business professionals solve common challenges such as:

  • How can we affect engagement and enable a speak-up culture?

  • What does great look like?  How can we sharpen our agenda to accelerate and sustain change?

  • How can we help Operations leaders to elevate their own performance to drive the success of their organization?

To help produce measurable results, aspiring leaders work collaboratively with peers, experts and academics to advance their business knowledge and corporate strategic perspective. By working with – and learning from – peers that hold similar values as Somos, alliance members collectively ensure that everyone emerges from the program as better and more strategic leaders. 

Members of Team Somos will be participating in the following Higher Alliance programs:

Higher Ambition Leadership Institute

Michelle Larsen – SVP & Chief Experience Officer (CXO)
Rachael Methal – SVP & Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Higher Ambition Leadership Institute (HALI) provides an in-depth and iterative learning experience. Senior leaders go through a journey of inquiry and self-discovery that helps develop practices that can grow Somos’ strategic growth. The program provides an environment for executives to pause, reflect and invest in themselves as leaders. The 12-month in-depth and iterative learning experience helps cultivate intentional leadership practices that can be implemented across teams and the greater organization.

Action Learning Groups

Accelerate the DE&I Journey
Jake Helper – Director, Office of the CEO and Board Chair
Nelly Valentin – Director, Marketing 
Strengthen & Sustain Higher Ambition Culture
Gloria Lee – Senior Director, Talent Development and Strategic Initiatives
Sri Ramachandran – SVP & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Upping Our Game: Next Level Leadership for Operations
Ann Berkowitz – SVP & Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Public Policy and Number Administration

Built around issues identified by CEOs and senior leaders, the Action Learning Groups are online facilitated cohorts that leverage peer learning and in-depth work with experts and academics to help participants advance their leadership skills and sharpen their organizational management acumen.  By focusing on issues that are mission critical to businesses – such as developing purpose-driven innovation, balancing corporate efforts with bandwidth realities and creating a continuous learning environment – the learning groups help participants go deeper into critical issues to help accelerate organizational progress and success.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the Higher Ambition Leadership Alliance to help members of Team Somos unlock their full potential! We can’t wait to see the transformative effects of this exciting partnership and how it can promote organizational advancement, innovation, authenticity and impact!

To learn more about the Higher Ambition Leadership Alliance’s purpose, performance and programs, visit

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