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Becoming a Toll-Free Service Provider is a great way for telecom companies, application providers, professional phone number management firms, and others to add Toll-Free Numbers to their offerings. Anyone who uses or provides Toll-Free Services can apply to complete our comprehensive training and certification process.

After your certification as a Toll-Free Service Provider, you’ll have access to the FCC-authorized TFNRegistry™ – the industry’s only database for securing and managing Toll-Free Numbers.

The TFNRegistry™ Value

Reserve Numbers Instantly
Reserve Numbers Instantly

Gain exclusive access to the TFNRegistry™ where you can get the Toll-Free Numbers you need when you need them

Manage your Routing Plan
Manage your Routing Plan

Extend your service capabilities by optimizing the routing of your Toll-Free Number inventory

Access to Dedicated Support Team
Access to Dedicated Support Team

Here when you need us. Subject matter experts are available to answer your questions and provide the resources you need to be successful.

Become a Toll-Free Service Provider in 3 Simple Steps

The Toll-Free Service Provider application process was developed to preserve the trust and integrity behind Toll-Free Numbers. It entails an online application process, training, and the successful completion of an exam on Toll-Free Industry practices.

Apply Online Today

Submit an online Service Establishment application and make a one-time deposit. Deposits are returned after one year of prompt payments with Somos.

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Train with an Instructor or on your Own

Attend our in-person 5-day TFNRegistry™ class or self-train with materials about Toll-Free standards and advancements.

Our class covers these topics and more:

  • TFNRegistry™ overview
  • General best practices
  • Diagnostic and service maintenance
Class Schedule
Take your Test and Certify

After you complete the TFNRegistry™ class, you will be scheduled to take an exam on your knowledge of customer records, number administration, and service provisioning. After you complete and pass this exam, you’ll be certified as a Toll-Free Service Provider.

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