VIDEO: Panelist Testimonials on RouteLink from #TFUS17

At the 2017 Toll-Free User Summit in Chicago, IL, a panel of industry leaders assembled to discuss how RouteLink is helping to breakdown the financial and technical barriers to access Toll-Free routing data. RouteLink, which launched in June 2017, provides subscribers with a local copy of Toll-Free routing data that is updated over an Application Programming Interface (API). 

The panel session, which was moderated by Mary Retka, Somos’ Sr. Director, Industry Relations, featured four industry panelists along with subject matter expert Ryan Karnas, Somos’ Director, Product Management, for a discussion on RouteLink’s API-based solution for authoritative Toll-Free routing data. 

Watch the full session below:


Karnas kicked off the session by explaining how RouteLink reduces costs for Toll-Free calls by helping Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) identify the lowest cost routing alternative between the originating carrier and the terminating carrier.

The key thing for me is that RouteLink has provided our ability to bring more information to our customer,” said Meredith. Key features currently include real-time call routing, access to Resp Org IDs, and network and routing analytics, all developed to help reduce costs for Resp Orgs and their businesses.

At Tel-Lingua, Mangold said the business pre-implemented the API when it was released for testing, and found a dramatic price reduction in their operations.

I said, ‘Hot damn.’ It was an 84% reduction in our monthly recurring cost. We were grateful, thrilled, and it’s been a success for us,” Mangold said.

NetNumber is applying this authoritative data for the firewall products that they are developing, which Legge stated was a strong addition to their value proposition.

If you need routing data, then RouteLink is the way to go,” said Aldworth.

Overall, the panel demonstrated early RouteLink adopters are incorporating authoritative Toll-Free routing data, and creating new applications with the locally stored information.

Somos is grateful for the panel participants who contributed their knowledge to this year’s Summit, and thanks the audience members who also joined the panel discussions this year. Make sure to join us next year at the 2018 Toll-Free User Summit in Las Vegas!

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