Webinar Recap: Driving Consumer Protection: Navigating Maine's New RND Legislation

In recent years, the Reassigned Numbers Database (RND) has emerged as the go-to tool for businesses wishing to stay in contact with their most important customers without incurring steep penalties for wrongly dialed numbers. The State of Maine recently issued legislation to mandate the use of the RND for telephone solicitors to fight back against rampant robocalling. 

To discuss the details and implications of this historic move, Somos hosted a 30-minute webinar featuring Michael Johnson from Maine’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) along with Beth Sprague from the RND. 

Moderated by Kevin Green, Somos’ Senior Director of Public Policy and External Relations, the webinar began with an overview of the RND, which was initiated in 2018 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to combat illegal robocalls. The RND serves as a database of all disconnected phone numbers and is maintained by requirements for all service providers to report their permanently disconnected numbers on a monthly basis. By querying the RND, enterprises can protect themselves from costly TCPA fines ($500-$1,500 for a single violation) by ensuring the number they’re dialing still belongs to their intended recipient. 

Michael continued the conversation by explaining how the Maine PUC first became aware of the RND’s value during an initiative to preserve the state’s single area code. When they invited Somos in for an informational meeting, they soon realized the synergy between existing laws and the potential applications of the RND database — especially for local businesses wanting to abide by regulations, but with no clear way to check the status of the numbers in their contacts lists. 

Ultimately, Maine’s adoption of the RND paves the way for other States and jurisdictions to do the same, giving hope for a future free of unwanted calls and better connections for users and businesses everywhere. 

Those unable to attend the webinar can now catch up by accessing the on-demand recording for viewing anytime!




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