What Do You Do When You Can’t Land a Record Deal?

A6 Social ServicesIf you’re punk band A6 Social Services, you use a Toll-Free Number to release your album!

Sounds crazy, right? In reality, by pairing a Toll-Free Number and an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system’s “MP3 upload” option for pre-recorded messages, it was a simple, streamlined process. In fact, according to the band, “it was almost like 800 numbers were meant for this kind of thing.” Rather than a traditional track list, when you call the album’s vanity Toll-Free Number – 844-A6-SONGS (844-267-6647) – you can dial different numbers to listen to the different songs. Simply stated, this is not your run-of-the-mill phone tree!

With so many different available platforms to release music, from Spotify to Sound Cloud, why did A6 Social Services choose a Toll-Free Number? Initially, the band says it was to appeal to their current fan base.

“Before, we were limited to only those that go out to see us perform live, which was more or less limited to people in our immediate area,” the band says. “Now we’re accessible to anyone, anywhere with access to a phone, which is everyone all the time. If you have a phone, you have our album.”

So far, the band says response to their unique Toll-Free album has been incredible. In addition to connecting to their fan base in a more universal manner, A6 Social Services has also inspired other artists to utilize a Toll-Free Number to share their work with the masses. “We’ve had poets reach out to us, saying they were going to put their work on an 800 number as well,” the band says.

Think Toll-Free Numbers are just for businesses? Think again! For A6 Social Services, a Toll-Free Number allowed them to make a mark on the music scene and significantly grow their fan base. They didn’t do it alone; however. With the support of artist collective Monday Night Free Hot Dogs (MNFHD), A6 Social Services was able to focus on making the music while MNFHD did the legwork. From publishing music to producing videos to hosting performances, MNFHD made it possible for an unsigned band to do something completely new and different – host a music album on a Toll-Free Number.

“We told you we didn’t need a record deal.”

Want to hear more from A6 Social Services? Dial 844-A6-SONGS (844-267-6647) or visit their website at

Julie Morris
Julie Morris
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