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The world around us is rapidly changing and with it, new methods of staying connected are delivering a host of innovative ways to keep in touch. To stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving digital climate, however, we must ensure that newly developed tech solutions are flexible, scalable, progressive and most importantly, provide long-term results and performance.

The SIP Forum undoubtedly understands this notion – which is why its members work tirelessly to help drive the education, adoption and interoperability of IP communications products and services based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Comprised of IP thought leaders and subject matter experts from top communications companies, SIP Forum’s members are dedicated to promoting SIP as the technology of choice for the control of real-time multimedia communication sessions throughout the Internet, corporate networks, and wireless networks.

Recently, Team Somos had the honor of expanding our participation and have become a full SIP Forum member. With Sri Ramachandran, SVP & Chief Technology Officer acting as Somos’ SIP Forum representative and Chris Wendt, VP of Systems Engineering, extending his seat on the Board of Directors, Somos is strategically positioned to offer new opportunities to reduce fraudulent robocalls and messages while simultaneously building more trusted connections between consumers, businesses, communities and more.

As the world around us continues to get more deeply embedded in digital transformation, the need to be flexible, adaptable and scalable is as important as ever. Through the SIP Forum’s support of new services under development by the global community of communications service providers and by vendors of technology, solutions and systems based on SIP, they’re able to drive the future of communications in a highly connective but still streamlined and user-friendly manner.

Click here now to learn more about SIP Forum and its mission to advance the adoption of products and services based on the SIP as well as maintain and serve a global community of commercial SIP-based service and technology providers.

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