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At Somos, we focus on empowering companies in the Toll-Free industry with the ability to deliver the most credible connections for brands, customers, and communities. We help our customers better serve their customers. RouteLink is a part of this commitment.

RouteLink allows a wider number of companies to access Toll-Free routing data by reducing implementation costs and monthly service fees.

When you become a RouteLink partner, you have the opportunity to expand your offering by providing authoritative Toll-Free routing data to your customer base in a simple and reliable way, counting with all the support and professionalism of our team of experts. 

Choose the Right Partnership Model for you

Become an Authorized Distributor 

Learn how to provide Toll-Free routing data to your customers through a licensing agreement with Somos.

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Become an Authorized OEM

Facilitate access to Toll-Free routing data with a “plug & play” approach for your customers.

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