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TFNIdentity® provides a platform customers can trust to deliver Caller ID information from their Resp Org


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Toll-Free Numbers are an extension of a company’s brand, so why not provide the opportunity to give your customers maximum visibility?

As the first centralized repository for Toll-Free Caller ID information, TFNIdentity® is a powerful solution that allows Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) to store Caller Name information (frequently referred to as CNAM) so that it can be displayed when a call is received from your customer’s Toll-Free Number.

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See How Adding Toll-Free Caller ID Can Enhance Trust, Increase Visibility and More

Did you know that on average, 70% of consumers will NOT answer a phone call if they do not recognize the caller’s number? 

Don’t let your customer get lost in the mix – Get them on the radar with TFNIdentity, the newest, and only, centralized repository for Toll-Free Caller ID information. TFNIdentity offers a powerful storage solution that allows Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) to store Caller Name information (frequently referred to as CNAM) which in turn allows the Caller Name to be displayed when a customer receives a call from the enterprise’s Toll-Free Number.

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TFNIdentity is a Win-Win for Everyone

Resp Orgs

Provide your customers with an important competitive advantage that drives trust and maximizes customer engagement


Gain improved brand recognition as well as heightened customer trust, loyalty and satisfaction


Know who is trying to reach you and answer the phone with confidence

Questions about TFNIdentity? Check out the FAQs below:

What is TFNIdentity?

TFNIdentity provides Caller ID functionality to Toll-Free Numbers. This centralized storage database collects and stores Caller Name (CNAM) information for Toll-Free Numbers and is used by terminating carriers to provide Toll-Free Number identification for display for mobile and fixed lines.

How does Toll-Free CNAM delivery work?

Toll-Free CNAM delivery starts with the terminating carrier making a dip into TFNIdentity to retrieve the associated Toll-Free CNAM that will be displayed on the end-user's device (fixed or mobile).

How quickly is the Toll-Free Number CNAM data updated for delivery when the record in TFNIdentity is updated?

Once new or updated Toll-Free Number CNAM data is entered into TFNIdentity, it will be immediately pushed to our delivery partners and will be made available to be queried by the terminating carrier.

Is the TFNIdentity database in sync with other existing CNAM databases?

No. TFNIdentity is a standalone database provided by Somos, storing CNAM records specifically for Toll-Free Numbers. CNAM data is constantly updated and refreshed as new records become available or are updated. TFNIdentity confirms its data with the authoritative SMS/800 TFN Registry.

What happens to a Toll-Free Number’s CNAM data when a number is spared or ported to another customer?

TFNIdentity confirms its data with the SMS/800 TFN Registry.  When a Toll-Free Number is spared or ported, TFNIdentity removes any stored Resp Org and CNAM data on that specific Toll-Free Number.

What are the options in TFNIdentity to input the Toll-Free Number CNAM information?

You can upload your Toll-Free Number(s) by Manual Entry, CSV Upload (download a sample CSV file on the homepage) or by API integration.

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Being able to recognize an incoming call – especially an incoming Toll-Free call – can be the secret you need to drive trust and maximize customer engagement. Help your customers hit a homerun with TFNIdentity – a CNAM database that customers can trust to deliver Caller ID information from their Responsible Organization (Resp Org), a source they know and recognize.

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