Somos, Inc. Protects Businesses’ IoT Assets with the Availability of SomosID™

East Brunswick, NJ, February 14, 2024 -- Somos, Inc., an industry expert in identity management, fraud prevention and data services who is recognized as a leading provider of solutions that foster trust in voice and messaging, proudly introduces SomosID™, an innovative IoT identity management service that offers an unparalleled registry for IoT asset owners seeking to gain greater visibility into their installed asset(s).

With digital transformation continuing at a rapid pace, many organizations are deploying IoT technologies to streamline their operations through automation. Unfortunately, this progression also exposes them to damaging cybersecurity attacks. While integral to modern connectivity, IoT devices serve as vulnerable entry points for cyber threats, contributing to a significant portion of malicious activities online. Recent data indicates that IoT devices constitute 8% of fixed broadband network infections, yet they represent 88% of all attack traffic and over 40% of all DDoS incidents affecting millions of users daily. The transparency surrounding IoT devices and the people who manage them is opaque at best consisting of a vast array of supply, management, and communications partners with no clear accountability for security. Additionally, traditional perimeter security approaches are inadequate in safeguarding against IoT-related threats. With IoT devices often having direct access to core enterprise systems, malicious actors can exploit compromised devices to easily traverse organizational networks, leading to harmful – and costly – breaches.

SomosID is a comprehensive IoT asset registry management solution that provides unparalleled transparency to IoT assets. This enables enterprises to have increased visibility into the activities and management of their IoT assets, thus helping to fortify their IoT ecosystem through transparency and accountability. SomosID provides the tools needed to track an IoT asset's identity and technical attributes, including hardware and software bill of materials, as well as related certifications and vulnerabilities. This information is maintained through all lifecycle events such as updates, new vulnerability alerts, suspensions, reactivations, transfers of ownership and end-of-life to give IoT asset owners visibility into their assets' current state.   

"The growth of IoT technologies has undeniably improved efficiency across numerous industries. With that, however, it has also significantly expanded the attack surface for cyber criminals," states Sri Ramachandran, SVP & Chief Technology Officer at Somos. "SomosID is not just a solution; it is a paradigm shift in how IoT security is realized and implemented. By providing a detailed inventory of IoT assets and real-time vulnerability notifications, SomosID empowers owners to secure and manage their IoT assets with confidence."

Discover the new standard in trusted IoT asset management now. From unparalleled transparency to enhanced monitoring, SomosID is an innovative solution that provides the utmost visibility into the current state and vulnerabilities of an owner's IoT assets. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit or contact us at

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