Be a PRIMARY Driver of the SECONDARY Market

Find out how you can buy and sell with confidence on the only platform featuring Toll-Free Numbers that have been verified and vetted through the TFNRegistry™.


The Trusted Way for Buying and Selling Toll-Free Numbers

Unique or memorable numbers often offer a critical value that surpasses their Toll-Free area code. Why not maximize that value by putting highly sought-after numbers into the hands of those that value them most?

Somos is preparing for the Toll-Free secondary market with the TFNMarketplace™! This exclusive hub will provide owners of select Toll-Free Numbers a trusted and secure place to list and sell their numbers with confidence and buyers can secure the highly sought-after Toll-Free Numbers they value and desire.

Looking to list a secondary market eligible Toll-Free Number? Click here to get in touch with a TFNMarketplace team member.

The Benefits of TFNMarketplace

It’s Secure and Reliable

When you access the authoritative source for Toll-Free Numbers, you can rest assured that your transaction is backed by a trusted leader in the Toll-Free Industry.

Our Numbers are Trusted and Authenticated

Each Toll-Free Number listed in the TFNMarketplace is carefully verified and vetted through the authoritative TFNRegistry™

Zero Buyers Fees

All transactions are 100% transparent with NO hidden fees. When you purchase through the TFNMarketplace, you only pay the purchase price listed.

Help Drive the Future of Toll-Free!

As the only platform featuring Toll-Free Numbers that have been verified and vetted through the TFNRegistry™, TFNMarketplace provides the ideal place for sellers to list their highly sought-after Toll-Free Numbers and buyers to secure the Toll-Free Numbers that are perfect for their business.

Learn more about how you can be a critical part of driving the future of market-based Toll-Free Number assignment.

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