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Mapping the Customer Journey

How call tracking and analytics can streamline marketing campaigns

Phone and text conversations are a precious resource. At the point of conversation, there is a lot on the line: It’s the moment when your customer is going to make a purchase, where marketers will learn which of their ads are driving that traffic, and when consumers are going to tell your customer service agents what they actually think about your business. 

In today’s complex marketing game, it’s essential to be able to trace your successes back to their source. Attribution is everything. And Toll-Free Numbers can help you map the entire customer journey from ad to response, to sales, to call center performance, to business intelligence. 

Track the clicks that lead to sales 

Using Toll-Free Numbers can extend attribution from ads to actual sales, clueing marketers in on which campaigns led not only to clicks but to conversions. When a consumer responds to a click-to-call or click-to-text ad that contains a unique number, the resulting conversation leads to extremely valuable information—namely, which ads drove purchases, for what products, at what amount, and even at what lifetime value.

Empower your sales agents with real-time data 

Sales agents can also better harness clicks when employed with specialized software that links a consumer’s click-to- call or click-to-text response with their relevant web history. This equips sales agents with important customer intelligence that they can use to tailor their conversations and therefore improve conversion rates. This intelligence taken from click- to-call or click-to-text can also be used to improve call or text routing, getting customers to the right agent and improving the overall customer experience. 

Create nimble campaigns with Dynamic Number Insertion

Embedding unique numbers in different campaigns through Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) helps marketers measure specific campaign variables, such as how well ads performed based on content, channel, geography, demographics and other criteria. In this way, marketers gain the power to make on-the-fly adjustments to campaign strategy, optimizing their budget. 

DNI works by assigning a unique phone number, often a Toll-Free Number, to a different designated source, such as a banner ad, Yelp page or landing page. When a consumer calls in, software can then track which source lead them to call based on their unique number. In this way, marketers can determine whether the banner ad, Yelp page or landing page—and corresponding campaign—led to more conversions. 

DNI can be used to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by channel (online and offline), consumer’s geographic region, consumer demographics and campaign creative. In some instances, this behind-the-scenes access even allows marketers to use DNI to track by keyword. 

Track offline ads 

TV, print and radio campaigns can be much more difficult to track than digital ads. Toll-Free Numbers are a uniquely effective analytics tool to measure the effectiveness of offline channels, especially when companies use memorable vanity numbers. 

Analyze the voice of the customer 

When customers call into a business, they share their preferences, problems and thoughts in rich, real-time conversation. Voice analytics software can help you transform this information into actionable insights by converting recorded conversations into text for analysis. As a result, businesses can adjust their products, services and call center efficiencies based on direct customer sentiment. 

In today’s wild west world of marketing, it can be tempting to dismiss legacy channels in the search for deeper consumer insights. However, the phone call of today is not like the phone call of yesteryear. Marketing departments that regard phone calls as an important investment in marketing strategy— rather than as a cost—will gain a powerful tool for optimizing campaigns and gaining deep customer insights. 

Make your campaigns more effective with a Toll-Free Number

Placing a Toll-Free Number as your main point of contact is like opening the door to your brand’s storefront. A visible entry to your company makes your service as approachable as possible, and enables you to track ads from call to sale. It’s a simple and powerful means of converting impressions into contacts while improving your marketing intelligence. 

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