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Picking Your Toll-Free Number

A guide on getting a Toll-Free Number and adding texting 

Toll-Free Numbers are a powerful tool that you can use to connect with customers, drive conversions, streamline marketing campaigns and gain unique customer insights. Here’s how to get one – or a hundred – and text-enable them. 

How do I get a Toll-Free Number? 

You can get all the Toll-Free Numbers and resources you need from a certified Toll-Free Number service provider, also called a Responsible Organization. Unassigned Toll-Free Numbers can be reserved on a first- come, first-service basis. 

What numbers are available? 

Toll-Free Numbers aren’t limited to 800 Numbers. Today, there are seven Toll-Free Number codes available to choose from. These are: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833. 

Can I get a vanity number? 

You can work with your Resp Org to find available vanity numbers that support your brand, campaign or message. 

How do I enable texting on my TFN? 

You can text-enable your Toll-Free Numbers through a Toll-Free Service Registrar. A Service Registrar is an organization that is certified to text-enable Toll-Free Numbers through the Somos Texting and Smart Services (TSS) registry. 

Since many landline devices are not capable of sending and receiving text messages, your Service Registrars may offer a Messaging Application for your desktop or hand-held device. For high volume uses, such as for your call center, an Application Programming Interface (API) is commonly used to integrate messaging into the communications flow. 

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