For more than 25 years, 800response has been providing unforgettable Toll-Free vanity numbers to businesses on a shared-use basis across North America. Businesses that use these vanity numbers in regional advertising campaigns report that response rates have increased by 25% or more.

Research has shown that vanity numbers are significantly easier for people to remember than a numeric phone number, either local or Toll-Free. In fact, one study shows the recall rate of a vanity number is 75% higher on average among consumers than a numeric Toll-Free Number. Even more, these numbers have a 57% average higher recall rate than a web address.

With 800response, businesses have access to invaluable call data and insights on their customers. This is provided through a a suite of call tracking reports, call recording, and speech analytics to monitor calls for quality assurance, customer experience, and much more.

The Somos database provides 800response with the ability to code its numbers as special handling, thus helping to protect many customers that are using numbers on a shared-use basis.

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