Vanity Numbers – Making Unforgettable Customer Experiences and Memories

Better Recall Rates and Increased Brand Recognition? Yes, Please!!





What do all these numbers have in common? They’re all VANITY NUMBERS. Custom Toll-Free and local phone numbers – AKA vanity numbers – are widely preferred to standard, unbranded number, as they offer numerous benefits and competitive advantages. From better recall rates to increased brand recognition and more, the following statistics, which come from a study conducted by RingBoost, clearly back the use of vanity numbers to improve business marketing:

  • 58% of customers prefer a vanity number on advertisements they see, as it helps them to remember contact info without much effort.
  • 72% of people were able to correctly recall a vanity number after a 30 second advertisement. That same advertisement with a numeric number only had a 5% recall rate.
  • Due to the substantial difference in the recall rates, users are 3 to 4 times more willing to contact a company with a vanity number
  • In terms of online advertising, ads with vanity numbers outperformed those with generic numbers by 33%.

Knowing the above, it’s no surprise that vanity numbers provide a more memorable consumer experience with a number pattern that is easy to remember. And since a business’ Toll-Free Number is an extension of a company’s brand, we need to make sure that not only is a vanity number front in center on websites and marketing advertisements but also on consumer’s caller ID when outbound calls are made fromFind Out One of the Many Reasons Why Consumers Prefer Vanity Numbers NOW! that number!

Want to know one of the fastest and easiest way to accomplish this?

TFNIdentity® offers a powerful storage solution that allows Resp Orgs – a resource businesses know and trust – to input validated Caller ID name (CNAM) information into the database. Once the data has been captured in TFNIdentity’s robust repository of numbers, originating carriers can access the database to support the display of the Caller ID name – thus letting consumers know who is calling them when the phone rings.

Help get your customers get recognized when you opt for a vanity Toll-Free Number and have the Caller ID name added to TFNIdentity’s database!

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