Explore the Latest Advancements in Toll-Free at TFUS19’s Power Sessions

Power Session: Make Your Data Work for You: Toll-Free Reporting Workshop

When it comes to analytics, the all new SMS/800 Toll-Free Number (TFN) Registry Reporting tool, powered by Tableau, is a great way to maximize your data’s value via interactive reporting, near-real time data refreshes and more. The TFUS19 Power Session, Make Your Data Work for You: Toll-Free Reporting Workshop, not only provided attendees with the basics – how to login, navigate the system, etc. – it also demonstrated how having a “One Stop Shop” for Toll-Free Analytics can help get more done faster.

Led by members of Team Somos including Judy Klein, Senior Product Manager; Diane Shemer, Senior Business Analyst; Naveen Jayachandran, Senior Data Analyst; and Kerry Klesalek, Help Desk Client Service Ambassador, users were able to gain hands-on knowledge from leading subject matter experts on how to better analyze and process their data using the TFN Registry Reporting platform.

Since its release, the new reporting platform has offered users enhanced performance and a number of new features including robust analytics, interactive data visualizations and custom reporting capabilities. The session, which was presented as an introductory reporting workshop, focused on providing the tips and tricks needed to successfully maneuver the platform including: how to access TFN Registry reporting tools; respective use cases; how to create your own report; and updates on newly released reports. (NOTE: A handout was provided with a list of all the reports available to the Resp Orgs today.)

Creating personalized reports; however, wasn’t the only personalized offering the session provided – to help maximize user experience and ensure that Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) make their data REALLY work for them, Diane, Judy and Naveen closed the session by announcing that one-on-one sessions would be available during the Summit’s Knowledge Bar.


TFN Registry Reporting

Power Session: An Era of Innovation: Toll-Free API Workshop

While formerly thought of as a tool exclusively for the toolbelts of advanced programmers, the modern API has evolved and transformed into an easily accessible and developer-friendly technology that can provide faster deployments, more streamlined integrations, deeper market reach and more mature data insights. In today’s Power Session, An Era of Innovation: Toll-Free API Workshop, subject matter experts from Team Somos led a practical and interactive workshop that showcased the true versatility of APIs.

Sudhakar Donepudy, Senior Software Architect, and Judy Klein, Senior Product Manager, were joined by fellow Somos peers Supriya Baligar, Director of Quality Assurance & Testing; Li Kong, Director, Architecture & Software Development; and Kerry Klesalek, Help Desk Client Service Ambassador, in a hands-on approach to some of the most common utilizations of APIs, including using UI to build complex API scenarios. Additionally, the team walked attendees through the Developer Resources Portal – a helpful repository of specifications, FAQs and more.

Whether you’re interested in creating time-saving workflows, fast-tracking queries or some other critical systems synchronization, as this session demonstrated, APIs provide a strategic advantage to managing Toll-Free Numbers – and more!

API Session

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