… And That’s a Wrap! Congrats to Somos’ Class of 2023 Summer Interns

Parting is such sweet sorrow… 

… Especially when it comes to saying adieu to Somos’ Class of 2023 Summer Interns! The past three months have been amazing and, as much as we’re sad to see our rising stars leave, our sorrow pales in comparison to the amount of pride and esteem we have developed for our group of future leaders. 

Throughout the summer, Somos’ interns were challenged professionally and dared to not only step outside their comfort zones, but also to be creative, proactive and empowered.  

As they head back to their undergraduate and graduate programs, the next generation of telecom game-changers look forward to not only furthering their own professional goals, but also to inspiring future up-and-comers. 

From confidence to communication to our cross-functional capstone project, the life-long experiences they’ve gained so far are best described in their own words: 




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