Announcing New PIN Enhancement Included in Latest TSS Release!

TSS Release

New security features are front and center in the latest release of the TSS Registry, which provides an additional layer of protection for text enabled Toll-Free Numbers (TFNs). The new PIN enhancement specifically benefits Bundled Service Providers looking to halt unauthorized TFN text enablement. 

The new optional security layer features Personal Identification Number (PIN) authentication and ensures that TFNs are only text enabled by authorized Service Registrars that have been previously vetted and approved. For our Phase 1 release, Somos’ partner, messaging solutions provider Midori Interactive, will be the primary provider of PIN enablement. 

For Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs), when a new PIN is in the process of being enabled, a notification of the pending PIN request for the affected Toll-Free Number(s) will be sent. These notifications will be similar in appearance to the ones you currently receive for pending text enablement requests.  

For Service Registrars, when an attempt is made to text enable a Toll-Free Number that has an established PIN, an LOA will need to be provided to the Somos Help Desk in order to allow the Help Desk to perform an override for the Toll-Free Number seeking text enablement.

This new update was developed based on user feedback for additional security for Toll-Free Number text enablement. To learn more about this and additional API updates, download the latest version of the API Specification Document

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