Celebrating Over 5 Million Text Enabled Toll-Free Numbers!

Celebrating Over 5 Million Text Enabled Toll-Free Numbers!


Texting has undoubtedly established itself as the preferred method of communication for a large segment of the population – So much so that today, over 5 MILLION Toll-Free Numbers (TFNs) have been text enabled through the authoritative TSS Registry™ for business texting!

Texting’s popularity is pretty ubiquitous – It’s a fast, simple and convenient way to keep people connected. But what sets text enabled Toll-Free apart from the pack is its ability to not only make meaningful connections; but to facilitate engaging and personalized 1-to-1 experiences.

As the data proves, business texting is a versatile, flexible and scalable tool with a strong value proposition. Its benefits are diverse and offers several advantages to companies:

Gain a Competitive Advantage

It’s not if your competition will add texting, but when. EZ Texting found that 84% of surveyed consumers already receive texts from businesses today. Get ahead of the adoption curve and add texting to your toolbelt toolkit.

Increase Contact Center Efficiency

With texting, contact centers become faster and more cost-effective. Texting has been shown to increase contact center efficiencies by 300% due to easy automation. Plus, agents can handle up to five texts for every one voice conversation.

Increase Sales

Texting has proven to be an effective channel for driving customer engagement, leading to higher customer response rates and increased sales conversions. Forrester Consulting found that businesses with SMS grew an average of 10% year-over-year.

Enhance Customer Experience & Drive Engagement

Today’s consumers aren’t afraid to move on from a company that isn’t delivering a great experience. And according to EZ Texting, 54% of those consumers are frustrated when they can’t text a business. Add texting to satisfy customers and drive conversions down the line.  

As the data supports, text enabled TFNs are swiftly growing in popularity for a reason – they maximize efficiency, increase sales, strengthen customer loyalty and more. Want to learn more about how you can join the over 5 million and counting TFNs in the TSS Registry database?

If so, the following online resources can help bolster your Toll-Free texting journey:

  • How to Get Started – A comprehensive list of best practices for adding texting to a business number
  • Business Texting Insights – A collection of interviews, case studies, how-to information, and more that outline the benefits of text to Toll-Free
  • Messaging Provider Service Directory – A listing of certified Service Providers that can help guide you through the text enablement journey  

Help further text to Toll-Free user adoption today and join the swiftly growing number of text enabled TFNs!

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