Elevate, Innovate and Empower: How Amazon is Enhancing Corporate Culture

It’s fairly common knowledge that Amazon’s business model is a bit outside the box: they don’t believe in PowerPoint presentations; they work backwards versus forwards and they model team size around how much pizza one can eat in a sitting.

Quirky as their philosophies may seems, it’s this innovative, forward-thinking that has helped to shape the culture at Amazon. In a recent presentation at the MIT Platform Strategy Summit, Vice President of IoT at Amazon Web Services Dirk Didascalou shared the different factors that influence Amazon’s belief system. Specifically, he stressed the importance of supporting employees by empowering them to be creative and not afraid to innovate.

Innovation and empowerment are themes that similarly fill the halls at Somos. Not only is it our mission to empower more trusted connections between businesses, consumers and communities; we also strive day in and day out to empower employees to “See Change, Be Change.” The Somos Team is encouraged to dig deep to provide the best, long-lasting solutions that support the communications industry and beyond – in other words to help “Build the Bridge.”

Just as Team Somos is building the bridge, Amazon is fully committed “to hiring ‘builders’ and letting them build things” as detailed in the following article: Want to Innovate like Amazon? Here’s their formula. From emerging start-ups to global giants, one thing is clear: no matter the size of your company, when an organization empowers its employees, innovation thrives. Knowing this, how does being empowered inspire YOU to innovate and push the boundaries?

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