How Do you Know what Type of Number is Right for your Business?

As a business owner, it’s critical that your customers are able to reach you when they have a question, problem or more. One of the most preferred ways to get a hold of you is by making a phone call.

When it comes to securing a new phone number, it’s not a one size fits all decision. There are a wide range of options including toll (local) numbers, Toll-Free Numbers and vanity numbers. So how do you choose what option makes the most sense for your business?

In the recent article “Breaking down ‘toll’ vs. ‘toll free’ numbers,” AZ Big Media takes a look at the different numbering options as well as their pros and cons. While local numbers definitely have an audience, most businesses will find that a Toll-Free Number is a better option. Aside from helping to legitimize a business, they save your customers money when they call you as well as allow for higher call volume.

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