You’ll Never Guess Who One of the Early Adopters of 833 Is…

Fall Out Boy - Expensive MistakeThey’ve made you Dance, Dance, said Thnks Fr Th Mmrs and have gone down, down in an earlier round and in one of their latest videos, they encourage viewers to dial an 833 Toll-Free Number!

In January 2018, when they released the music video for their single “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)” from the album MANIA, pop punk band Fall-Out Boy harnessed the power of Toll-Free to make a video that is equally hilarious and nostalgic. Set in the era of TV shopping channels, the parody video features the band cheekily selling mementos from previous music videos. From severed hands to the signature sheep “Franklin” from their Infinity On High album cover, the video urges viewers to call-in and purchase a flurry of weird and ridiculous items.

What really makes the video Irresistible; however, is the special, vanity Toll-Free Number advertised through-out: 1-833-OUT-BOYS (1-833-688-2697). The number isn’t just random – it is a fully provisioned and functioning Toll-Free Number! So what happened when fans dialed-in? Callers were greeted with a message that encouraged them to, “Please listen to the menu carefully to select your Expensive Mistake.” Voiced by lead singer Patrick Stump, the Toll-Free line allowed callers to choose a range of options from cheesy jokes (How do you throw a party in space? You planet!) to pre-ordering the band’s MANIA album.

From creating brand awareness to collecting data analytics, Toll-Free Numbers have long had a large range of uses. For the band Fall-Out Boy, a number from the newest Toll-Free area code allowed them to not only connect with fans in a personal manner but serve as the theme for a humorous video that viewers will remember for Centuries.

Watch the video* now:  

*Please note this is the unedited version of the song and does include some adult language that may be unsuitable for children


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Julie Morris
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