Help Protect the Integrity of Toll-Free

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From supporting enterprises seeking to achieve A-level attestation to helping combat fraudulent and spoofed phone calls, RealNumber is a powerful solution uniquely positioned to drive increased trust and confidence in phone calls.

With so many options available, what makes RealNumber your go-to solution for helping to ensure compliance with STIR/SHAKEN standards?

Time to get REAL – RealNumber’s capabilities at-a-glance:

  • Delivers the data needed to inform an originating Service Provider of a customer’s right to use a given Toll-Free Number (TFN)
  • Empowers the originating Service Provider with the TFN’s associated data in a manner that is aligned with the STIR/SHAKEN framework 
  • Helps enable enterprises to achieve A-level attestation
  • NEW! Allows Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) to identify in-bound only TFNs as Do Not Originate (DNO) to aid in fraud prevention 
  • NEW! Gain visibility into the 14M (and counting!) numbers that have already been identified as DNO

Many organizations have already seen how RealNumber empowers enterprise customers to take control of their numbers and drive more trust and confidence in phone calls – Now it’s YOUR turn to see RealNumber and its latest DNO feature in action!

Join the RealNumber Beta Program today to gain access to the latest Do Not Originate Proof of Concept and be an integral part of promoting the continued health and longevity of our industry.