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tsg coach graphicAs a communications organization, TSG Global quickly recognized the power of text messaging in the business world.  The company became one of the first developers of this technology in 2007 and since then, Noah Rafalko, TSG’s CEO and co-founder, has been coaching companies on the best methods for adopting text technology and leveraging it to generate revenue.

Rafalko recently talked with us about the important issues in today’s text enabled ecosystem and the best ways for businesses to harness this technology. 

Here is what he had to say...

What has been the evolution of communications for Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs)?

We’ve seen communications transition from provided services and voice to IT-based communications to, today, cloud-based service offerings such as text messaging. This is a big shift and a lot of organizations aren’t necessarily equipped to handle it, and that’s where TSG comes in. We support Resp Orgs with routing and assignments, and we simplify the process for them so they can focus on their core capabilities. Our services also help these organizations generate revenue with their texting capabilities.

How can texting help generate revenue?

It usually starts small. Many businesses that adopt outbound texting might use a basic system that, for example, provides consumers with standardized responses to one-word text message prompts such as “hours,” “locations,” “reorder,” “balance,” etc. This gets customers used to the idea of holding a text message-based conversation with a business.

From there, companies can evolve to initiating a text-based commercial relationship with the consumer. If the customer voluntarily opts in to a messaging program, the company can then begin sending customized text messages that aim to generate revenue. A dog food company, for example, can send coupons or a reminder that it’s almost time to order a new bag of food.

This type of marketing can be very effective, because it’s direct and personal. Research shows that 95 percent of recipients open a text message within 15 minutes of receiving it. And because the customer controls the interaction, opting in to some communications and not others, he or she is more like to adopt it.

Will some businesses be hesitant to adopt outbound text messaging?

This is a new technology, and some organizations may be hesitant to adopt it. However, we don’t see texting as a different strategy; it’s a natural evolution of communications. We’re just adding another layer of service to your existing infrastructure—one that meets modern consumers where they are and opens up a direct line of communication that can be very effective and profitable.

To learn more about TSG Global, visit their website today.

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