VIDEO: Smart Marketing Powered by Toll-Free Numbers

For most marketing teams, honing in on the right channel for a specific audience is a challenge that requires advanced marketing and analytical tools.

With the option to invest in video, radio, online advertisements, social media, and email campaigns, it’s difficult to know which platforms are working, and which messages are getting through to an intended audience.

Marketing executives need to determine what is the best way to spend their marketing budget and tracking success is a key component to making those decisions. Shannon Finberg, the Vice President of Creative Services for Digital & Content Marketing at K12, says their marketing team harnesses the power and flexibility of the Toll-Free Number platform in tandem with their analytics tools.

“Marketing analytics is key in understanding the performance of our campaigns, and one of the ways that we track that is through using 800 numbers,” said Shannon Finberg. “We use Toll-Free Numbers across all of our marketing channels so that we can start to put together a customer touch-point map. That way, we can understand how are people behaving with our marketing channels, and how can we optimize the ones that people seem to be responding to the most.”

Measuring the effectiveness of marketing and advertising tests has helped K12 closely predict and monitor the results of their campaigns. Using thousands of numbers to track their marketing campaign performance, K12 has been able to focus their efforts on the best channels and demographics and optimize their marketing budget.

“This 800 number is specifically something that we can hang our hat on and say, this campaign worked.,” Finberg said.

Watch the video below for our full interview with Shannon.


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