Ready to ROC: Migrating to ROC with ANI Networks

ROC logoEarlier this year, Somos implemented a new feature that allows Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) to port existing Toll-Free Numbers to different service providers while retaining the same number for incoming calls. This feature is called the Centralized Resp Org Change Management System, or ROC for short.

Currently this process is optional, but soon ROC will be mandatory for requests initiated by the submitting Resp Org in which the controlling Resp Org requires a valid LOA in order to release a subscriber’s Toll-Free number to the submitting Resp Org with the next annual tariff filing, due to be in effect Feb. 15, 2016.

In preparation for this migration to the ROC process, we are gather ‘tips and takeaways’ related to ROC from Resp Orgs. With their insights we hope to ensure a smooth transition for the entire industry.

Recently, we sat down with Jeannie DiPuccio, Senior Director of Wholesale Services and Annabelle Rodriguez, SMS Toll-Free Lead Analyst from ANI Networks, which has been using ROC since July 2015, to discuss their company’s successful migration to ROC.

Q: How has ROC been received within your organization to date?

Somos has developed ROC in the same manner that we develop our own portal for customers at ANI Networks. This has made ROC easy for our organization to grasp from day one. Overall, a centralized ROC is more adaptable, easier to use and saves time in the daily processing of orders.

In essence, it has eliminated the need for our SMS team to go directly to the Resp Org to request release of a number. With ROC, this becomes a one-stop process where it loads the LOA (Letter of Agency) and we wait for the release of the number. The Resp Org is notified as soon as the number is released.

Q: Which features in particular have helped you streamline your daily tasks?

ROC has been designed so that we can view our submission history quickly and efficiently. This means that when our employee’s login, they are able to see all the information they need for a change request right away; orders in progress and whether the Resp Org accepts email or fax (which can be a huge time saver).

Q: What are some daily challenges faced at ANI Networks in which you hope to address using ROC?

To date, not all Resp Orgs are required to use ROC. That presents situations when our employees need to physically reach out to that Resp Org in order to request a release.

For example, when a request comes through we allow 48 hours for the Resp Org to either accept or reject it. If, after 48 hours there is no response, we make attempts to reach out to the Resp Org directly outside of ROC.

With ROC, we are able to login and in the notification profile can see if that Resp Org is participating in ROC or not. If they are, we know that we will be guaranteed a response within 48 hours.

Today, for those not participating in ROC, there is double work for our SMS team having to reach out physically but we believe this will be alleviated once all Resp Orgs are required to use ROC.

Q: What would you say are your key takeaways from working with ROC thus far?

ROC has become our one-stop to help streamline the day-to-day tasks within our organization. The benefit to decrease time spent on tasks offers us more time in our day allowing the department to simply do their job more efficiently.

About ANI Networks:

Established in 1989, ANI Networks is committed to providing world class service to over 400 CLEC, ILEC, Cable Providers, Hosted VoIP, Wireless and Switchless Reseller companies. As our industry continues to evolve, ANI Networks’ strategic direction is simply to deliver unsurpassed quality for our wholesale customers and their subscribers. Our Direct Peering relationships in North America allow ANI to provide our customers a 99% call completion ratio—this is among the highest in the industry! They provide flexibility, reliability, and a ‘best in class’ customer support team backed by ANI’s patented web portal. ANI’s business plan is built on ensuring our customer’s sustainability in the marketplace, for today and for the future!

Interested in learning more about ROC? Bookmark the Somos Blog page for more of the “Ready to ROC” blog series. We will dive deeper into user IDs and permissions to help better prepare the industry for the tariff mandate.

If you have a success story to share about the ROC process, please send and email to and you could be featured in our next blog post!

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"ROC has become our one-stop to help streamline the day-to-day tasks within our organization. The benefit to decrease time spent on tasks offers us more time in our day allowing the department to simply do their job more efficiently."

- Jeannie DiPuccio, ANI Networks


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