RealNumber® DNO Continues to Protect Consumers with Growth of Additional Local Numbers!

More than 4 billion 10-digit inbound-only phone lines
are being saved from spoofers thanks to RealNumber DNO – 
Are you playing a part in the solution?

Voice calls help empower more intimate and trusted interconnections between brands, consumers and communities – which is why it’s critical to preserve their integrity. Somos’ RealNumber® Do Not Originate (DNO) solution helps promote trust in telecom and consumer advocacy by halting the prevalence of fraudulent activity via spoofed phone numbers. 

Since expanding RealNumber DNO’s dataset to include 10-digit local numbers in early October 2021, the database has since grown to an impressive collection of over 4 billion records including:

  • Unassigned and unavailable NPAs
  • Unassigned NPA-NXXs
  • Unassigned non-contaminated NPA-NXXs
  • Non-contaminated number from unassigned contaminated NPA-NXXx

In the fight against fraud in telecom, RealNumber DNO is helping bring back trust in telephony – one number at a time. And with its robust local and Toll-Free Number dataset, the solution has shown itself to be a powerful tool in protecting valuable number assets and the prevention of calls from spoofed numbers getting passed on to consumers. 

See firsthand how RealNumber DNO is helping organizations identify illegitimately used numbers to better protect customers from fraud.  Visit or email us at to gain access to RealNumber DNO’s dataset today!


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