Webinar Recap: Protect the Integrity of Your Network with RealNumber® DNO

Get ready to see how Somos’ RealNumber® Do Not Originate (DNO) can help save telephone networks from scammers, bolster trust in telecom AND promote consumer advocacy – all with a single solution!

In Somos’ latest webinar, Kyle Belcher, RealNumber DNO's Senior Product Manager, provided an in-depth look at how the solution, which boasts a database of over 6 billion Toll-Free and 10-digit local numbers, can greatly benefit the industry:

  • Resp Orgs and Service Providers can easily indicate Toll-Free and Local Numbers as non-originating at no cost
  • Easily consumes and integrates with existing systems or increased fraud detection and analytics
  • Helps to prevent of fraud, robocalling and illegal spoofing so that networks and kept clean and trust in telecom is regained

Watch an on-demand recorded video of Protect the Integrity of Your Network with RealNumber® DNO – and check out the accompanying presentation deck! – to learn more about RealNumber DNO’s core functionality and key benefits, how Somos is partnering with USTelecom to help strengthen the fight against fraud and more!


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